Farmer community · October 7, 2021

Rallying the farmer community to protect the delicate Nalsarovar wetlands.

Protecting delicate ecosystems with the help of community and communication.

The Nalsarovar lake, the largest wetland and bird sanctuary in the state of Gujarat is in crisis. Yes, the environmental catastrophe in India is real.  

Studies conducted have found devastatingly that the Nalsarovar Wetlands are in grave danger.  Expert advice clearly states that the boundaries of the wetlands need to be vegetated, maintained, and harvested. Any wastewater discharge into the Lake could have disastrous repercussions. Untreated water and pesticides are a threat to life, both human and animal. The Lake is home to more than 250 species of birds, including the pink flamingoes and this number is going down at an alarming rate. 

While there is scientific consensus on the reasons for this state of affairs, things are getting exponentially worse. But what is the solution? How can this environmental treasure be saved? 

In India, the communication gap between those who are informed and those at the grassroots level is very wide. Communication can be a huge conundrum for those trying to create an impact in their areas of influence. 

Our client partners at WWF along with Geer and Cohesion Foundation Trust (CFT) have taken it upon themselves to harness the power of communication to rally a section of the community who have the most power to protect.  

The farmer communities. 

When Prosperfit was appraised of the problem, we knew we had to leverage our experience with localised content for hyper-local audiences and storytelling to bridge this gap. Using our insights developed over hundreds of hours of research and content development, we created digital media in the local language – Gujarati, that used the everyday lives of the farmers to communicate the ways in which they could save the wetlands. From informing them about the important role they could play in protecting the wetlands, to why doing so was vital for their own livelihoods, the short story-based video contained everything they needed to know and remember in an engaging yet informative way. 

At Prosperfit our content strategy is about people. We leverage lifestyle, language and aspirations to help changemakers like WWF, Geer and CFT create real and lasting impact in their areas of influence.  

We speak 90+ languages across India and ASEAN, including dialects, and our mission is simple… to create content for good.