Health and Hygiene · October 8, 2021

Leveraging tech to solve India’s sanitation issues.

A whopping two-thirds of India’s household toilets are not connected to a sewer system. This issue is raised practically everywhere from children’s textbooks to municipality meetings. The issue of sanitation continues to plague many lives in India where a majority of the population rely on on-site sanitation systems around which there is a huge lack of awareness.

Solutions that build awareness and tackle the problem of open and unhygienic defecation is the need of the hour. 

The Pyrolysis Omni Processor  (P-oP) is one such solution that has been revolutionising the sanitation process. P- oP is a technology for decentralized fecal sludge treatment that could work wonders, with its reasonable maintenance conditions, installation ease and working capabilities.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with Dasra embarked on a mission to enable effective sanitation in urban and peri-urban India. Their mission – to reach those who are underserved in areas of sanitation. 

However, there was one major roadblock. To bring about change in India’s development sector, the long-standing issue of communication was a major issue. The linguistic diversity and the gaps that exist between the local bodies like municipalities and providers of these technologies posed a hurdle to the proposal and consequent implementation of sanitation systems like P-oP. 

From the local bodies to the administration and the local community, everyone needed to be involved, and Dasra needed an effective and impactful medium to share the idea with all these different stakeholders.

That’s where Prosperfit stepped in. 

With our extensive research and insights on what goes into successful regionalized content, we could touch the lives of the local communities and their authorities, painting an accurate picture of what things could look like. Our video content focussed on simple graphics with an engaging story.

The result? A video, where an extremely technical topic could be simplified, for seamless sharing  across various administration bodies, spreading awareness and driving action towards change. Watch it here

We believe in the power of effective storytelling and that our work plays an important role in impacting the lives of communities, with organizations that seek to do good in their areas of influence. Our videos connect with the audience educating them on issues that affect their daily lives and/or livelihood. 

Creating impact through communication is what we stand for.

We are Prosperfit.